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You'll get access to ALL of the following:

Program #1:

Learn the KEY strategies and implementable tactics that you can action immediately to truly Recession Proof Your Business. From the Psychology through to the identifiers and actions you need to take.

Program #2:

Know your current financial situation, expenses, risks and opportunities. Set yourself up for success and turn liabilities into assets with my money management, investment and mindset strategies and tools.

Program #3:

I'll uncover the simple yet POWERFUL Sales Strategies my team uses so you can master your sales in your business so you can skyrocket your close rate, retention rate and revenue.

Program #4:

Hold yourself and others accountable. You will gain clarity on your values, and how to use them to set goals and priorities to ensure you dominate every day.

Program #5:

HEAD ON, we tackle how to break self-destructive, self-sabotaging habits, and uncover how to identify and create new habits that will lead to high energy and success.

Program #6:

Keep your focus, attention, and keep pushing forward to your goal no matter what mental hurdles are thrown at you. Mindset is 90% of your success.

Program #7:

  • Become purposefully productive
  • Effectively design your year, months, weeks and days to achieve the outcomes you want personally & in business
  • Identify common actions & determine value add and management of these
  • ​Eliminate procrastination & hesitation
  • ​Identify success strategies
  • ​Understand your Return on Investment of different actions and tasks
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Are you sick of not achieving at the level you know you are capable of both personally and in your business?

Are you sick of not achieving at the level you know you are capable of both personally and in your business?

Most business owners make the mistake of thinking that they will figure everything out themselves or even worse, that things will magically work themselves out as they build their business.

Very few business owners are smart enough to realise that they need a powerhouse team around them to build a powerhouse business and life.

In this day and age it is not good enough to just be successful at business, you also need to be successful at life.

Many business owners can feel alone, confused, stressed and with huge amounts of pressure.

Are you sick of not achieving at the level you know you are capable of both personally and in your business?

This Is Why DOMINATE Is An Essential Tool To Help You Grow Your Business And Live A Great Life.

Each month we will dive deep into a new topic that will help you to excel.

With implementable tools, templates and teachings that will accelerate your personal and professional growth.

I will also share some of the key tools, techniques and implementable action items that has allowed me to be the go-to person for many of the country's top business leaders, business and sporting teams as well as being the private mindset / performance coach for rich listers and company heads.
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DOMINATE IS NOT the same run of the mill, Business training, life coaching, personal performance program.

We integrate teachings and learnings from advanced sciences to give you in-depth knowledge that is delivered in a simple, easy to understand format that keeps you implementing and excelling.

We DO NOT deliver, short lived, hype type motivation that will leave you burned out, in a rut within a few weeks.

We DO NOT sell you a program with only part of the answers or solutions and leave you having to pay thousands more to get the answers you are looking for.

This program is designed to deliver key lessons on set monthly topics that will help you excel personally and in your business.

This program is NOT For you if:

  • ​​You aren't self aware enough to realise that you have massive gaps in your life and want to close those gaps
  • ​You avoid challenge and growth
  • ​​You want a quick fix that require no work, effort or energy 
  • ​​You are easily offended. This isn’t kindergarten
  • ​You don’t like swearing as I am known to drop a few F… bombs amongst other things
  • ​​You are weak, lazy and want to buy into the myth that life should be easy and that you don’t have to work for your results
  • ​You can’t take a joke
  • ​​You lack the ability to think
  • ​​You have sh!tty energy and want to blame everyone else for why your life is f$%ked
  • ​You would rather hope and pray life and business works out

This program IS For you if:

  • You are ​Driven and Ambitious
  • ​You have big dreams and goals (and know life can be better)
  • ​You are self aware and know you don't have all the answers 
  • ​You are open and willing to learn
  • ​You are Courageous and Resilient enough to take action
  • ​You want to kick a#$e in Business and in Life!

​​(Or at least willing to be better at the above)

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Mark Lim
CEO and FOUNDER of Magnetic Alliance
World's Leading Business Strategists
"Michael delivers fast results through an ability to simplify complex concepts to create a good understanding of self and create a platform for change."
Jackie Bayly
CEO of Bayly Real Estate
Industry's Leading Real Estate Experts
"Michael is incredible !!! He is a life changer!! Seriously you have to connect with Michael, attend his events and his coaching - This man rocks !!"
Leigh Parsons
Founder and CEO | Adelaide Retaining Walls
SA's Largest Supplier of Retaining Walls
"I have been a private client of Michael’s for 3 years. I have gained invaluable knowledge for my whole business. I highly recommend working with Michael if you are serious about wanting results."
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You won’t have to spend a million dollars (+) or travel around the world looking for the best coaches, advisors, researchers, trainers etc to learn from, like i did. 

I will share with you what I know,

What worked, what didn’t work.

What are some of the traps that I came across and how you can avoid making many of the same mistakes I did as I grew my business to well over 7 figures and beyond.

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Here's What Mark Lim Says

Founder and CEO of Magnetic Alliance - The world's leading business growth strategists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What currency is The Monthly Mastermind charged in?
All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD). There are no lock-in contracts, and you can cancel at anytime. All taxes are included in the fee.

$63 AUD is approximately $47 USD, £38 GBP
 How detailed are the Superclasses?
Each Monthly Superclass / training consists of 1-3 hours of exclusive step-by-step HD video training that are exclusive to Dominate.
Each super class is accompanied by at least one tool, template, workbook and implementable action steps.

Many of the lessons shared each month include powerful new information which hasn’t been shared before in my other programs.
What if I want to cancel?
You can cancel any time directly from your dashboard.
Or you may send an email to
No need to wait for a response from an email from us, you can cancel whenever you feel the need.
Is this the same as other programs on the market?
I am not sure what other people teach. What I do know is that I have spent the last decade learning from some of the greatest thinkers, trainers, scientists, high performers and industry leaders.

Much of what I share is combinations of those learning which helped me accelerate my life from fat, unhealthy school drop out, with broke teenage parents to the exclusive private mindset and performance coach to some of the country's top business leaders, rich listers, professional athletes, teams and organisations.

It also helped me to grow a multi million dollar business in the process while traveling the world and creating a life I enjoy.
Do the superclasses stay up forever?
No! There are new classes coming out each month, old classes are updated with new info and old classes are removed or repurposed.

This is done to keep everyone accountable, focused and actioning what they learn.

This helps keep everyone on track and implementing what they learn.


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Michael Mojo

Why should you listen to michael johnson?

Michael Johnson is the global leader in “Evidence-Based” Business Training and Human Performance, specialising in Business Growth.

As the private coach to some of Australia’s top industry leaders, experts, sporting heads and rich listers, Michael has an esteemed client list worth over a Billion dollars.

Michael’s business, The Mojo Master®... masterfully delivers training events, workshops, and seminars to audiences from general public through to large corporate teams... teaches implementable, scientific-based tools and strategies to help people smash limitations and excel in their personal and professional lives. 


Grant Cardone,
top sales expert who has built a $500-million real estate empire, and NYT-bestselling author.
Gary Vaynerchuk,
founder and CEO of VaynerMedia (700+ employees with over $100 million in annual revenue).
Dr. Joe Dispenza,
international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and educator.
Dr. John Demartini,
one of the world's leading authorities on human behavior and personal development.
Barbara Corcoran,
founder of The Corcoran Group and Shark on “Shark Tank”.
Dottie Herman,
CEO of Douglas Elliman, a real estate brokerage empire with more than $27 billion in annual sales.
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